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Living In Egypt: Human PopUp Marketing

May 19, 2008 by Ben W. 

Living In EgyptI’ve been living in Cairo Egypt for almost a year while my better half goes to university. It has been quite an experience! Anyone wanting to learn real marketing needs to visit, Egyptians have a talent for selling and I credit a large part of that to the steady stream of tourist who have descended on this area since 3000 BC. Egypt has proven that “Content Is King“, the Pyramids have attracted visitors and business from day one and only now is someone trying to beat them with bigger and better content (Country of Germany, do you really need to build a pyramid ten times larger than Egypt’s?). I am utterly convinced that the idea of the popup ad was conceived by someone who had just visited Egypt and tried to walk by guys selling rides on a Faluka boat or someone selling anything on the corner. Human popup ads are abundant here due to high unemployment and it is remarkably effective if you have the numbers.

I highly recommend you visit for two to three weeks as Egypt is truly an amazing country! Go visit Dahab on the coast for a laid back atmosphere and be sure to take a camping trip to the black and white sand desert. Spending a night out in an environment that looks like a scene from Dune is surreal. Sometimes the shifting sands make a weird vibrating siren noise that echoes through the rock canyons. The downside to being here for a long period of time is the realization that Egyptian society will never accept you and views you as a credit card for the economy. It is not a situation that makes you feel positive when you are constantly being charged way more than everyone and being forced into fifteen minutes arguments with taxi drivers. Plus with a population of seventeen million Cairo can be a bit crazy and polluted.


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