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2011 Search Engine Marketing Rankings From SEOMoz

June 11, 2011 by Ben W. · Leave a Comment 

Hi everyone!... Click Here To Read Full Post

2011 Search Ranking Factors

January 6, 2011 by Ben W. · 2 Comments 

SEOmoz puts out a very useful search engine ranking factor list and they are currently calling for nominations of which SEOs will contribute to it. ... Click Here To Read Full Post

One Year Later For UK Search Engine Marketing

September 10, 2010 by Ben W. · Leave a Comment 

Well it is almost one year later too the day from the last update on UK Search Engine Marketing and what a busy 12 months. I’m currently working on several projects that are keeping me very busy. I’m working on a few papers for this site and I’m hoping to publish those in the next few months on some fun new SEO techniques. ... Click Here To Read Full Post

People Spend 3x More Time On Facebook? No Kidding.

September 17, 2009 by Ben W. · Leave a Comment 

Mash posted an article on how people are spending 3x more time on facebook than google and acted like that is a big worry. It should not be a huge worry as people go to facebook to socialize not to buy or search. It would be like your local Mall getting upset because people are going to their homes. Eye balls are important but I think someone forgot what metrics are really important when you look at the big picture…... Click Here To Read Full Post

THE Keynote By Gary Vaynerchuk – Must Watch!

March 1, 2009 by Ben W. · Leave a Comment 

I urge all readers to watch this video of Gary Vaynerchuk who gave the 2009 keynote at the Future Of Web Apps conference in Miami! I strongly agree with a lot of what he says and have been saying it for a long time. One of the most exciting things about the internet right now is that the barrier for entry and creation is getting lower and lower every day, this means that people with passion and drive are going to be dominating more and more! Who survives during an economic downturn? The driven, those who have passion, and those who love what they do. It is a great time to “invest in yourself” and break out on your own. ... Click Here To Read Full Post

Headed To The Parallels Summit 2009 Conference

February 1, 2009 by Ben W. · Leave a Comment 

I’m headed to the Parallels Summit 2009 conference in a few days and pretty excited! This is not a SEO conference but rather focused on cloud computing and parallels products. Plus it will be nice to see a lot of web hosting related friends! I did find it interesting that the agenda for server providers has an entire session for search engine optimisation on day 2. I’ll post what I learned after I get back Feb 5th.... Click Here To Read Full Post

SEO SEMMY 2009 Finalist!

January 28, 2009 by Ben W. · Leave a Comment 

The article I wrote on PageRank sculpting has been named a finalist for the 2009 SEMMY award in the SEO category which is awesome! If you want to vote for my article or any of the other great articles go here!... Click Here To Read Full Post

Nominated For 2009 SEMMY For My PageRank Sculpting Article!

January 19, 2009 by Ben W. · Leave a Comment 

I am very honored that one of my articles on Page Rank Sculpting has been nominated in the 2009 SEO category for a Semmy. The SEMMYs is this cool site that chooses the best articles during the previous year (2008) for search engine marketing. The choices will be further narrowed down later this week to 5 to 6 finalist.... Click Here To Read Full Post

Happy 2009! I’m In Denver Colorado!

January 16, 2009 by Ben W. · Leave a Comment 

Denver ColoradoI hope all our readers had a great new years! 2009 is going to be an exciting year for everyone involved in SEO and online marketing!... Click Here To Read Full Post

LinkedIn Group For United Kingdom Search Engine Marketing and SEO Professionals

September 13, 2008 by Ben W. · 4 Comments 

I’ve started a LinkedIn group for United Kingdom based search engine marketing and optimisation professionals and I’d love for you to join. I’m hoping it can be a place for everyone to make connections, find work, find talented employees, and more! Click here to join the UK search engine marketing and optimisation group. Wondering what LinkedIn is? Read more

My Idea For Monetizing YouTube

September 4, 2008 by Ben W. · 3 Comments 

How would you monetize YouTube and all that delicious traffic? How would you monetize a video when it only lasts 1 to 3 minutes? Online video monetization, the holy grail of marketing…. queue exotic sounding Indiana Jones music….... Click Here To Read Full Post

My Thoughts On The SEOmoz Expert Training Conference

August 23, 2008 by Ben W. · Leave a Comment 

I just got home from the SEOmoz expert training series and I really enjoyed the conference! I was a tad disappointed with the content as I already knew 99.9% of what they presented but that shouldn’t scare you off as I live and breath SEO and this conference was just part of me making sure my skills were up to snuff. It is hard to know what expert/advanced means in search engine marketing and optimisation and I think this conference would be perfect for an in house SEO or someone who doesn’t have time to read and test everything. I highly recommend this above everything else out there, it was well priced, amazing speakers, and from what I hear great parties/networking!... Click Here To Read Full Post

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