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Directory Of SEO Companies And Individuals Focusing On The UK

May 26, 2008 by Ben W. · Leave a Comment 

Want a directory of search engine marketing and optimisation agencies and individuals that focus on the United Kingdom? Look no further! Just take a look at the directory by clicking here or on the menu bar at the top of the page. It is free to list your company and you can also have your client’s submit customer testimonials. Read more

Search Engine Ranking Factors For Google UK

May 25, 2008 by Ben W. · 12 Comments 

In order to rank for country specific searches on Google.co.uk you need to show Google that you are focusing on the UK region. So how do you do this? We have compiled a list of SEO factors that help Google know along with explanations. Read more

Interview With Aaron Wall On His Online SEO Training, UK SEO, Blogging, Etc…

May 23, 2008 by Ben W. · 2 Comments 

Aaron Wall is a household name in the world of search engine marketing, the first edition of his book on search engine optimisation came out in 2003 and was immensely useful and popular. Now Aaron has shifted to offering an online SEO training program in addition to his free SEO tools and frequent blog updates. To the questions! Read more

Review Of SEOmoz PRO Membership

May 20, 2008 by Ben W. · Leave a Comment 

SEOmoz is a highly respected search marketing agency and over the last few years has grown into an online community for search engine marketers. Due to the popularity of the tools they have created and their articles they expanded to offer a pro membership level to support the ongoing creation of this resource. The cost of the membership is $49 USD a month or $399 USD a year. I’ve been a pro member since June 2007 and I highly recommend signing up. I’m very happy with the resources despite a few organizational annoyances. Below is a review of what they are offering and my thoughts. Read more

Living In Egypt: Human PopUp Marketing

May 19, 2008 by Ben W. · 1 Comment 

Living In EgyptI’ve been living in Cairo Egypt for almost a year while my better half goes to university. It has been quite an experience! Anyone wanting to learn real marketing needs to visit, Egyptians have a talent for selling and I credit a large part of that to the steady stream of tourist who have descended on this area since 3000 BC. Egypt has proven that “Content Is King“, the Pyramids have attracted visitors and business from day one and only now is someone trying to beat them with bigger and better content (Country of Germany, do you really need to build a pyramid ten times larger than Egypt’s?). I am utterly convinced that the idea of the popup ad was conceived by someone who had just visited Egypt and tried to walk by guys selling rides on a Faluka boat or someone selling anything on the corner. Human popup ads are abundant here due to high unemployment and it is remarkably effective if you have the numbers.... Click Here To Read Full Post

What is Search Engine Marketing? A Real Explanation For A Business Owner.

May 17, 2008 by Ben W. · 1 Comment 

Search Engine Marketing covers a huge range of online marketing practices and for a small business owner it can be very confusing. Today we are going to explore what search engine marketing covers with a real world example of Fred and his online pet store. This should help anyone new to online marketing understand the value and the options that are available. Read more

Elite Retreat – Thinking Of Going? What Past Attendees Have To Say…

May 16, 2008 by Ben W. · 4 Comments 

Elite Retreat - User Reviews And ThoughtsElite Retreat is a very unique search marketing conference. It is a small scale brain storming session with a lot of big names. Attendance is capped at 35 people and it costs $4,950 USD which is quite a bit for 2 days. So why does it cost so damn much and what do the previous attendees have to say about it? Read more

Welcome to UK Search Engine Marketing!

May 14, 2008 by Ben W. · Comments Off on Welcome to UK Search Engine Marketing! 

Welcome! It will still be a bit messy as I get everything up to spec and get the first articles written. My goal for the site is on the right column and basically I want to help the United Kingdom business community learn about search engine marketing and build a directory of proven SEO experts to help them. This will also be my personal blog if I get the time.... Click Here To Read Full Post